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Freezbone Wholesale

Freezbone Purple Large

Freezbone Purple Large

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Is your dog an active chewer? Are you having trouble finding long-lasting dog bones? Freezbone may be exactly what you and your furry companion are looking for. These dog bones can resist the wear and tear of power chewers. It means you don’t need to replace the Freezbone every couple of days.

Calm Anxious and Active Pups

Freezbone is a fillable dog chew that helps keep your active dog entertained. It can also keep anxious pups happy and calm. The slow feeder comes empty. Just fill it up and place it in the freezer until your dog is ready for the bone. The filler encourages your pup to take the time to lick and chew the dog bone, helping to keep your pet entertained for up to 45 minutes. You can create fillers from your recipes or take advantage of our ready-to-use products.


Freezbone is available in two sizes, small and large. This way you can choose the perfect refillable bone treat for your furry best friend.

Small - Up to 60 lbs dogs

Large - Up to 140 lbs dogs

Pet & Earth Friendly

Don’t worry about safety. Freezbones are pet and environmentally friendly. The healthy, long-lasting dog chews are made using 100% natural rubber. The material is biodegradable and non-toxic so you can feel good about giving your pet these refillable bone treats. Who knew you can reduce your carbon footprint with a treat feeder for dogs?

Veterinarian Endorsed

These long-lasting dog chews are endorsed by most veterinarians across the United States. They recommend these dog feeders for parents of active chewing puppies and dogs. The treats are a great training tool for dogs that like to chew on inappropriate items, like furniture, rugs, and your favorite pair of shoes. Instead of coming home to find damage, you find a happy and contented dog.

A Breeze to Clean

Keeping Freezbone sanitary is a breeze. The all-natural rubber bone is dishwasher safe. Just toss it In the dishwasher and it is ready for use. Refill the bone with your dog’s favorite filling and place it in the freezer until your pup is ready to chew.

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